Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Work Wardrobe


Establishing a beautiful and varied work wardrobe is an expensive and frustrating task.  Suits that are well made and fit well are expensive.  I've been slowly working on a few patterns that I am finessing the fit so I can make up a plethora of well fitting basics:  pants, skirts, tops, and jackets. 

I've completed my first outfit:  A pair of navy trousers with a bright blue pinstripe and a medium blue top with white polka dots.  These fabrics were bargain fabric - each less than $4 per yard - so I felt comfortable with possible screw-ups (i.e. I could throw them in the trash if they didn't work). 

  • Pants are the Thurlow Trousers from Sewaholic Patterns (these patterns are specifically designed to fit pear-shaped women like myself - small on top, wider on the bottom):
Thurlow Trousers by Sewaholic Patterns - Envelope Cover

  • I sewed one size smaller than I did the last pair because I've lost a little (very little) weight and my other pair of Thurlows was too big.  (It looks like there is a spot on my rear, but my son took this photo and he smudged up the camera lens)
  • I experimented with the waistband finish - I took it out and re-did it about 4 times (maybe 5).  I like the bound edge - I think it looks more like RTW.  I have a couple of pant classes on Craftsy, but none of them covered the technique exactly how I wanted it done - so I examined several pairs of my pants and Mark's pants to see how they were put together.

  • The pinstripe fabric is a wool/poly blend that looks like linen.  Strange though it sounds, it's actually a great summery weight and the bonus - it does not wrinkle.  Not at all.  I looked crisp at work ALL day.

  • I wanted a little flash - so I piped the front pockets in bright blue and made the back welts bright blue too.  


  • Another Sewaholic Pattern - the Pendrell Blouse

Pendrell Blouse sewing pattern - front of pattern envelope.

  • This is an easy to sew, versatile top that works well under jackets or on its own.  It goes together so quickly - no closures.  Binding the edges of the neck and armholes can take a little patience, but with practice it is a lovely finish and particularly nice if you are going to sew it up in a sheer fabric (no big facings).
  • I'm probably going to tweak the fit - it's a roomy top but the princess seams give it some shape.  I think I'd like it a little closer fitting.  Also - it is very long.  I adjusted it 2 inches shorter before cutting and the cut another 2 inches off before I hemmed it.
  • I can't wait to try the sleeve variations.

 Make something beautiful!


  1. Great job! This outfit is perfect for office wear. I see 2 new patterns are going to be living in my sewing room soon. Thanks for the inspiration and wonderful detail about your finishing technique on the waistband. Very professional and RTW.